Making Radar


I’m trying to make a game that involves using radar.

It’s supposed to look similar to the radar in the attached image.
Also, how could I make a HUD like that?
Would anybody happen to have a tutorial for this??


Im afraid you’ll have to search the forums for “minimap” :confused:

I haven’t found much other than a script or two. I’ll post if any of these help…

Also, how can I make a type of damage indicator (NOT a health bar)??

I found a script that allows for two views, but how could I use that for a map or radar?

i think that doing somthing like this might be possible with using get distance, let me do some thinken

Looks cool. However, I use blender 2.49, and would it be possible to make a tutorial for this?

I’ll try it when the next update of blender is released…