Making realistic elven head in Blender and Zbrush


So… I am sorry for not being fully loyal to Blender and not making the whole thing there entirely, BUT… if you look at the works of really skillful 3D atists, you will see, that their workflow includes multiple applications and they are not making a big fuss of it. After all, tools are for artist and not vice versa.

So… here is my sculpt in Zbrush. I am actually pretty proud of it, since it is the second head I’ve ever sculpted (other two I made using box modelling technique, so I do not count them). And also I attach a photo of a person, who kindly agreed to be the model, so you can judge the similarity.

All of the following stages - texturing and rendering and postprocessing - will be done in Blender.

Alrighty :slight_smile: The work is done! I know, i know it is not really perfect! But I’ve learnt a lot in the process! Thank you, Blender community!


hi margenta, i beleive everyone should use tools or combination of tools as needed to get the idea realised. i do use the combo zbrush blender too, sometimes more blender, sometimes more zbrush. i am surprised of your choice which works to do in blender and which in zbrush though. to me, sculpting is much better in blender, whereas texture painting skin is much easier in zbrush (blender has no "color variation in spray like brushes, to me essential to paint the skin color variations).
your sculpt is a good start. watch out for the jawline, it should not be so sharp as you have it, but round. look how beautifully rounded it is on your model. also look at the mouth and jaw line from bottom view, i think it is too narrow. it should have a nice horseshoe shape, and not that much of a v-shape… and, work more on basic shapes befor making wrinkels and details, it will pay off in the end… i am looking forward to your progress, a good foundation you have already.

Your sculpt is looking very good already. One thing that bothers me a little is the forehead, it seems too prominent… if you look at your reference image you will see its not that “inflated” if you get what I’m saying. :wink: Also, another small thing is the ear which seems too far back (but maybe thats just the angle of your sceenshot)

anyway, good work. keep going :slight_smile:

Outstanding. Don’t know how you can do much better, just tweaks. Jaw line and forehead like fine to me.

The eyes look strange, is this a multi-res sculpt?

Thank you all very much for the reply! These are very valid points. My lack of knowledge in human anatomy really shows, huh? :slight_smile: I will fix the things you’ve mentioned, at least try as much as I could to fix them and provide an update! Cheers!

Ok, here is an update. I have incormporate all the remarks and corrections and also made a skin.

Texture painted in Blender 2.73 and mixed with sss shader.

Please, tell me everything what you feel is wrong with this face.

NOTA BENE: hair is painted, so looks really bad, please, do not pay attention :))))

Click THIS TEXTto see full-size version :slight_smile:

Smart people have advised me to post a couple of additional images, so I can get more feedback.

That’s what I am going to do! :slight_smile:

This is the model withough any fine details and texture. Do you think skull shape is ok? :slight_smile:

omg you scared me… i thought the first image was the render… hehe xD

sorry… fixed the thumbnail.

The head shape looks much better now, but the arch at the back of the neck looks a bit overdone. I think it should be flatter.
Keep up the good work!

Yes! That’s ture. Thank you :slight_smile: One nice person from cgsociety did not shy from helping me with a very specisfic advice, making this corrections:

That does look much better. Good job!

Yes, he was really helpful :slight_smile:


So-so… what’s new: i’ve created hair for the elven head and introduced proposed changes in it. Your feedback is really valueable, I cal already see how it is getting better! Could you give me more oppinions, on what could be improved?

Hi Margenta

Hope you do not mind some drawing on your work, I am no expert here, just pointing out what I see.

  1. The area around the top lip needs some puffiness if you know what I mean.
  2. The chin is too large and square.

Otherwise this is really looking fantastic, looking forward to seeing it finished.


Thank you for the advice! I will try to finish it as fast as I can… got a bit longer than I unticipated already :))

Looks great!

Just to wrap up the thread! :slight_smile: The work is done! I know it is not really perfect! But I’ve learnt a lot in the process! Thank you, Blender community!


he has come a long way. good result! well done.