Making realistic-ish style anime

I want to achieve this realistic-ish art style of anime. This is inspired by Makoto Shinkai’s movies. I have no problem in achieving the toon style shader for the character. It is about the background. Here are some images of the art style I am trying to achieve.


Can anyone help me achieve this result.

I would advise you to look at this channel : Lighting Boy studio
link :

I have seen their tutorial. It was a good tutorial but not what I need. I feel to achieve this look we need to blend the toon style and the realistic one. And as I told I have no problem in Toon shading. I myself have made an advanced one for the characters but it does not satisfy for the look of the background. I feel it has to do something with mixing diffuse and the toon look. But it is not too easy to find the right way to do it. And it should have the natural look as well
So asked for help