Making round heads with holes for Mouth

Hello everybody. I am new here in this Board, and i have a Question. Its like this:

I try to make something like heads, which i want to use for some Stop Motion Videos. I’ve allready maded some Videos and i planet, to print the heads for some new figures with a 3D Printer. Buuuuuuut, in this Time, i did not thought so much about, HOW to create this models. Now its like this, i just need to make some Heads, that are just very Round, not mutch Forms ect, just like an egg-like form, with just one opening for the mouth and one at the under end of the form, to fulfill it a little with plastiline to put it on the figure. So i think, its easy for me to do the unter whole, because its not so important how it looks, with extrude i will get this i guess, but for the mouth i need a Way to do it.

The head should be very comic kind of way, not that realistic, ive allready maded some of this heads, but with plastiline hand maded, so i want to make some same style heads to print it out, because there are some advantagets to print it out like they more stabile you can print them as much as you want after maded it with a programm ect.

So, what should i do now, to can make this mouth hole in this egg-like form, like i want it to be? Obiously it should have no conors, and it should be abjustable on which angle you can make the “hole”. And, it would be nice, when the hole would come together more in the middle.

Ive allready watched some Tutorials, if its okay i can post those ive seen, and i tried some things out from those tutorials, but it didnt worked for my purposes.

And i have to say that the holes for mouth that i want to make are just kind of big and very basic comic style no lips ect just a hole for the mouth which is kind of big and “unrealistic”.

I hope you can help me, would be nice to can make this step and then doing the next things that are written on my to do list.

Greetings and good Wishes

Spaceship 555.

A bit difficult to follow but I will suggest to you to show us what you can do or what you have done some pics and what you want to achieve more pics like this at least i can have a clear image of what you want. So show us what you have done so far :slight_smile: