Making Sea Tubes With Curves?

Hi All,

I am trying to make some sea tubes. I want to use curves and a bevel object along with a taper.

I can make one tube, just fine. But how would I make multiple tubes like those shown in the picture?

I want the object to remain a solid surface, like shown in the picture, but I want multiple curves to control the tubes?

Can this be done in Blender?


how about using particules system!

can make as many tube you want !

also may be paiting with particules system
new feature since 2.49

happy blendering

Please post a BLEND Ricky, if you have time.:eyebrowlift:

It needs to look “exactly” like the picture I have posted.

why don’t you model it to look exactly like the pic
(use curves - then convert to mesh)
and then you can use multiple curve modifiers with vertex groups to control the movement

and shape keys if you want them to bulge

I really don’t need them to move at all, I just need them to be seamlessly connected at the base. That is the part I don’t know how to do.

I know I can model them as four separate curves, convert them to mesh and then do a join. But will that make the base all smooth?

Here is what I have so far…

It’s not too bad with an AO render, but when I add lamps, the seams show.

Does anyone know how to make it seamless?


ras_sea_pipes.blend (172 KB)

theses looks more like sea sponges than tube worm
see pic first one is sponges second one are deap sea worms

but how many of theses you want to do ?

some good text would give it nice look see pic


My terminology might be off. We could also call them “Lady Fingers” delicious!

Why bother with curves at all? Subsurf sounds much easier in this case.


Thanks for the informative image Zwebbie. A series of extrudes from a subdivided cube.

I really like modeling with curves, however, because it is so much easier to alter and tweak the shape at any time.

Is there anyway to attach a curve to a face, let’s say the top four faces of a subdivided cube and then make those faces extrude down that curve? That would be an ideal solution for me.

Thanks for taking the time to comment. I have done a lot with Blender, but modeling is still new to me.

You can create different vertex groups for the extruded tubes and then add curve guides to the vertex groups (like you did for your paper tear - but you don’t seem to get the gap artifact)

any thread on this paper tear ?

don’t remember that one but might be interesting


@alank: Yes, that would allow me to animate/alter the tubes, but not model them. I would be altering existing mesh faces. The great thing about curves for modeling, is that you can control the face distribution with the curve handles prior to conversion to mesh.


I will probably try Zwebbies technique and add in control curves like AlanK mentions just to see how flexible it is.

you can use nurbs and several modifiers

including curve simple modfier ect

so there are no bevel but may others available

may be enough to do what you want


Ok, I think I got pretty close.

I combined Zwebbies modeling with AlanK’s suggestion of vertex groups. But instead of using the curve modifier, I used the wave modifier for the vertex groups to add a sort of auto-undulating animation. The curves are still in place, so some manual adjustments are possible. But I still don’t have the curving in effect at the top of the tubes that is easy to achieve with curve based profile modeling. I guess it is good enough for now.

Thanks for the help!


sea_tubes_curves.blend (173 KB)

wave modifier gives it a nice smooth movement around

also i did check the thread about paper cut

i manually move the paper up an down and it is fun to see this curve modfier at work

nice work

have fun with blender