making sense of transparency

[Hi all,

I’ve followed this good tutorial on how to get an object, within a scene, over a video strip; but run into problems on what to set the “blend” on the scene and move strips.]( (step 3:44 just get black not movie in background)

I seem to only be able to get the object with a black background; but cannot get the object over the video without whilst maintaining an opacity of 1 for all strips.

Ive also followed, but have to play with the opacity, which wasn’t the effect i was after.

I am totally stuck, and need some tutorials on strip / object transparancy and blend types.

Please help,


Hi Richard, thanks for that, it helped. I can now get the object over the video; but only when i render the animation. My video sequence editor still gives a black background. Any ideas?

Hi Richard,

I closed it down and re opened it again and now i have the object over the video :slight_smile: