making short interactiv movies

(reedbeat) #1

I´m very new to Blender,

does Blender support making .exe files in which the viewer could grab objekts with a mouseclick and let it rotate as the cursor moves over it?

I need such a function because i want to produce educational 3D Material.
I dont know the knowledge for making 3D stuff,
is Blender the right Tool for such solutions or would it be better to use other Software instead of Blender ?

(valarking) #2

the game engine/web plugin allows for that. sounds like that old globe they had on the site.

(reedbeat) #3

:smiley: Ok,

now where can i find a tutorial for that?

(humphrey) #4

I think that you’ll need BlenderPublisher to create the .exe files…
I haven’t touched game blender myself, but from what I’ve heard, it sounds good.

Doesn’t it have to be 3D Cause Flash is a fairly easy program to learn, and it specifly designed for interactivity.

However, Blender will most probably do the job, and I think that you should be able to download BlenderPublisher in a couple of weeks when the source is realeased?? Is that right anybody??

ANyway… Blender is a great program for the price — FREE!!! I Love it!


(reedbeat) #5


in a week we´ll get blender publisher over the net, referencing to the blender website.

Is publisher really needed for that kind of stuff?

So, what i´ve seen yet, this example comes pretty close to what im lookin for:

Detailed, what do i need to do something similar with Blender ?

I´ll buy a Book not until i know that…

(humphrey) #6

I don’t think that you need published to do any of the work… But I believe that you need it to turn it into the .exe file.
I don’t have publisher myself, so I’m not quite sure about that though.

Anyway… I’m looking forward for the open source being released


(reedbeat) #7

Ok, thanks.

Anybody know a tutorial for that?