Making something look shiny like metal in 2.49b

hello after searching all over i cannot seem to find what i am looking for. I have a model that is texture using UV image unrapping however i need some objects to look shiny like metal without loseing there origional textures. can anyone give me a very basic step by step tutorial on how to acheive this?

try turning on reflections for the material. if you have objects using the same texture but some are shiny and some are not, you’ll need two materials; one with reflections on and one without. you can, however, assign the same texture and mappining to both.

and how exaclty would i turn on reflections?

When following even these tutorials I cannot get this to work. Can anyone assist me via teamspeak or teamviewer? I need step by step human help.

In Gmax I was able to use env. Would that Work in this case?

Make sure your lights for your scene have Specular turned on.

How do use Env(envirnmental reflection textures)? I can’t find any information on how to use it.