Making the AI shoot

I am working on a FPS and I would like to make it so that the AI shoots back as well, I have no idea on how I would do this, can anyone help?

Connect logic bricks together like my screenshot and add a property to the radar sensor that is on player and add the bullets name to the add object actuator.

Ok, use “track to” player when they collide with a plane, that is the “view” pinned to the gun,
have the gun have a set of planes crossing making a X and have the X slightly larger then gun and stretched to end of view plane,

you know what, I will just make a .blend

here is a radar based aiming and shooting system

you can also do aiming with track to on collision with a invisible plane that is the “view” of the enemy or gun turret


TheRet.blend (455 KB)

Thanks, I will give it a try and let you know if I have any problems

check the .blend :slight_smile: