Making this 2D character into 3D

i want to make a 2D character of mine into 3D using the same art style. the thing is, she has a perfectly spherical head. i can’t find a tutorial for this specific thing. here is how the head looks at different angles:


i’m not worried about the hair, i can do that myself. i also want to rig it, so mouth opening and attached eyelids, not robot eyelids. i need to be able to move the eyes as well. what i need is a tutorial on how to do this (i have a tutorial for the eyelids). i’m hoping someone could create this head for me and create either a picture or video tutorial for me so i can then follow it and create it myself. i wouldn’t want to just use the head you create for me because i want to be able to make different eye shapes and everything like that. i’m tight on money, so if someone could do it for free, that’d be great, BUT, if that’s not possible, let me know what you think is a fair price for this, and i’ll be able to see if i can afford it or not. i REALLY need this, and i learn better with images, and even better with video. please let me know if anyone can help me out.


would that work with cartoon faces? it looks like it’s only for realistic.

it doesn’t seem very complicated to do, why don’t you do it yourself? You’ll learn something that will be useful later if you ever have to work with Blender again

i already explained in my post, please read the whole thing.

Rigging you character, with facial rigging too.
YouTube .
The video is so good and easy.

please read my post. i don’t need to know how to rig, i can do that. i’m trying to have someone teach me how to model this head. i mentioned that i want to be able to rig it, but my request is really clear if you just read it.

This book will teach exactly how to create the head and topology. It’s a great resource for cartoony polygonal character modeling.

i’m sorry, i appreciate the attempt, but i’m not spending $20 on a book that doesn’t teach me how to create a spherical head. all i’m asking is for someone to create a tutorial for this EXACT shape of a head, or find one if it’s out there, but there seems to be none. i’d be willing to pay for a tutorial creating this head. as i stated before, this would be my learning tool; i would not just use the head created for me, because i will need to know how to do it in order to make other heads for other characters who have different eye shapes. i want to learn to do this myself, but i can’t if someone doesn’t show me how to do this exact thing i’m needing. if someone can’t do it for free, i’d be willing to negotiate a price.

edit: the person wouldn’t even have to send me the head itself, just the tutorial.

I would start with a perfect sphere in Blender and do a little bit of sculpting to get the ears, mouth and eye indents. Then do the same with the eyes.
There are tons of (free and paid) tutorials for sculpting in general. And if you develop a feeling for the sculpting tools you will only be limitted by your imagination.

Hi,Make sure your reference for front and side is matching. And start like this:

And by using inner face + extrude you can do this:

The book actually teaches you step by step, loop by loop, how to create a head topology for ANY cartoon character. No matter the shape: round, square, oval, pear-shaped, triangular.

It is THE BEST resource that you will find on this particular topic. The result will be animateable, and have great topology.

You would take that base topology, and apply it to a spherical head. And I will guarantee you that if you buy the book, and ask William Vaughaun (the writer) for extra help, I am almost certain he will assist you. The guy is very open to questions.

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edit : redone a more correct topology

you can do a topology as simple as that, starting with a subdivided cube (and using a sphere as a Shrinkwrap target in order to keep a spherical shape when I was creating mouth and nose), the question is probably how you want to do with the eyes, here I’ve used sphere that I’ve flattened with lattices:


i wanted the eyes to be more inset like this:

that way it’d be easier to make them blink. they could bulge out a little further, but the eyes are definitely the part i’m having the most trouble with.

i forgot to say in my OP that, yes, yes i did try to create a head before asking how to do it. that’s why i’m asking how to do it. XD

like this?

in that case dig some holes, again use a Shrinkwrap to keep a spherical shape:

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This reminds me a bit of Morph the Plasticine character.

oh ok I knew Aardman but I didn’t know him :wink:

That is probably because you are not old enough. :smile:

yes I am but I guess it was not aired in France (and anyway I didn’t have TV lol)