making two objects editable

How do I put two objects into active/editable mode? I’m trying to join the vertices from two objects.

AFAIK, you can’t do it this way.

first of all, select them both, and then press J-KEY to join them
then, when you enter edit mode, as they are now one unique object, then you can operate the vertice welding as needed

hope this helps


The shortcut is actually Ctrl-J. It will Join the selected objects into one object.

The objects must be selected in Object Mode for this to work of course. Be aware, however, that the object center and orientation of the joined will be the object center and orientation of the active object (the one selected most recently – it appears a lighter pink with default settings). Remember this if you want to do animations, but you can, of course, move and rotate it later on. This generally won’t be a problem for stills though.