Making Videos with 2.53

What is the simplest and cheapest way on making a movie with blender using 2.53. Im on a windows 7 machine 64 bit, so not wuick time. I tried MPEG the other day and just really blurry. Can I make everything in blender then animate it on a second source if so is the tutorials on this? Or should I stick with one of blenders choices?

You should render out to images then bring those images into your video editing application. Sometimes video editing applications run slow with images though. In those cases, I take the rendered images from Blender (I usually render to PNG) and put them into the Video Sequencer in Blender and export to AVIJPEG. AVIJPEG is just a bunch of jpeg images stringed together. Jpeg compression looks worse than PNG so this video will not look as good as the original PNG files. But AVIJPEG is a good compromise between quality and file size and it works in almost any video application (like the simple and free kdenlive, for example.)

If you can afford it, then for Windows, Canopus Grass Valley Edius is the best video editor around. It is my secret weapon for paying gigs. You can get a 30-day trial from them which is fully functional except that it doesn’t contain any third party plugins. Here is the link:

I don’t work for Edius or anything. But I spent months trying out different video editing software. For the Mac, it’s Final Cut Pro. For Windows, it’s Edius. For Linux, well, it’s about a dozen programs that are all specialty programs.


h264 is probably the best codec to use. You could use Blenders sequencer to assemble your renders, effects etc, then render out your final animation to AVI Raw or .png image sequences, then import those into VirtualDub or Avidemux and encode out to whatever codec you want for your final movie.