Malachite Hillls

This is my first post to the finished projects section.
This landscape isn’t supposed to be realistic. It’s an attempt to see what I could do with light rays.
I used the trick involving the spot light with halo turned on. The rays come from a shadow-only mesh with holes matching the lower deck cloud spacing. That lower deck is a plane not casting shadows but using a transparency texture so you can see through it to the upper cloud deck. It sort of works. It renders fast, anyway - using Blender internal.

I like it! Very good, actually! I think you would like to try to render the rays in a separated layer (to mix evertything after) and play with the alpha value os them to increase contrast. I think it may give a more impressive look to the hills. Congrats!

I think it would look better with Luxrender. Way better.

But yeah, excellent render (especially with BI)…


Thanks for the comments!
That’s a good idea to render the rays in a separate layer. I would like to render the sky in a separate layer too. I need to blur it a bit. The alpha cloud edges are not uniformly smooth. I’ve been blurring it in Gimp. It would be more convenient to do it with nodes. It didn’t occur to me to export to Luxrender. That might be fun to try.

I decided the sky was too saturated, so I tweaked the scene. Here is an update: