Male Anime Character

Hi this a new male character that I’m working on. I used alot of reference making this character, it’s amazing how much they really help. I noticed that it helped me pick out more out of the human form.

Also I have been testing out new way of modeling that focus on good deformation.
If you look at the wire frames that I posted you will see the topology are very similar the way that edges or faces flow all the way around the character this allows for good deformation because when you weight paint it then it will slide or collapse in on its self allowing for smooth deformation.

How am I doing so far? Will the Topology I did for the Abs give me issues later? How do you like it?
Please Comment!:eyebrowlift2:
Current Render

Old Wires and Mocap

Here is a render from Cycles.

The chest is a bit too narrow. You need to expand it a bit and decrease the size of the pecs.

Neck Improvements

How do you like them?

Chest Improvements

Does this look better XeroShadow? and Thank you for commenting:)

a Current Render

Added some eyes and eye lashes

How does it look good or bad?

Modeled some shorts for him so now he isn’t naked :stuck_out_tongue:

Also I improved how the eyes looked

Rigged him and improved the shading
improved the arms and hands too

That is quite an improvement. But the pectorals are too puffy. You will need to decrease the size of them depending on how old the character is.

Made some improvements on the chest

Is this better I tried flatting the chest area a bit to make it less puffy. Thanks for the feedback it really helps me alot :slight_smile:
A current render

Much better.

Added Hair
Improved the Toon Shader for the skin and eyes
Adjusted the nipples on the chest a little bit

Testing a vertex paint based toon shader in Cycles

trying to figure out how to control the Toon BSDF with shadows with vertex paint

Updated Render

Noticed that it looked washed out a bit
Improved render

This my node set up in Cycles

I also I use a sun lamp with the size of 0 and the strength of 2

Another Render testing the attribute node connected directly to the size in the Toon BSDF to see how the shadows react to it


Improved toon shader that allows me to have more control of how the shadows act and allows me to fake them too.

The shading around abs and chest is faked
experimenting with the displacement modifier with a texture of cloth from cgtextures with it desaturated and made it seamless and then used levels on it in Gimp. This is on the shorts

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