Male Body Sculpt

This is a sculpted character I made for an upcoming project. I’ve done a couple of head sculpts before but it’s my first full body one, so I’d appreciate some feedback here and what obvious issues need to be taken care of before I start retopologizing it. Thanks.


Looks like a really good start,
For the chest the pectorial muscle needs to be more pronounced, the abs make it look like a strong character, so to if he is strong then his upper chest needs to more volume, look up some pics of Captain america with his shirt off and you will see what I mean.
For the arms the upper part looks good, but right after the elbow joint the fore arm needs to have more mass. looking at the elbow joint the upper arm and fore arm should form a slight hour glass shape with the elbow as the skinniest point.
Lastly, on the feet the toes need to be more spread out, right know the top view of the foot is more like a rectangle you should change that to be a triangle with the apex at the heel.
Good luck,

it is a good start, forms of arms, legs and torso are generally ok. proportions are off, for example, arms are way too short, hands way too small. wrists reach to the crotch, hands are so big they cover the face. feet are about 4/3 head units long. head size does not fit to body. the length from chin to crotch is about 3 heads, legs are about 4 head units,i would recommed to fix the head, and scale everything else so it fits to the head, starting with torso, then arms, then hands and so on…with good proportions your sculpt will look really good…

Thank you mickeyjoe and doris for the feedback, some very good points indeed. I might hold off fixing the scale/proportions until after retopology since I prefer using edit mode/proportional editing than the Grab brush for that. Also worth mentioning the arms aren’t fully stretched which is why they might look a little short on the front view, but they indeed need to be longer. Here is the side view (might as well get some feedback here too :)):

First round of updates:


Render +shading is awesome and sculpt detail is very realistic. The main problem is proportions. It appears to be 8+ heads, also some issues near hips and shoulders. You may go for heroic artbook idealism (8+ heads) however it will be far harder to sell it as realistic, instead you increase the risk of ending up with uncanny valley.

You are doing really great but honestly you need a live reference as backplate to pull such a work off and study ( good ref )

Additionally i would personally close the eyelids for minimal distraction (like 3d scans have) and possibly even detatch head so you can sculpt/work on the face independently

Thanks cgstrive, really good feedback. At this point and without much anatomical knowledge, I’m just eying things from references and moving stuff around until it make sense to me. Which is probably why I’m having a hard time getting the proportions right.

I did tweak a couple of things including the head (a little too large now?) and the hands along with some other things here and there. I’ll call the body done for now, polish the face details a bit and start retopologizing soon:

I think it looks great! You have to ask yourself where you want to go with it ?

  • If you want to show off anatomy on folio then you need to pose it and probably lose the skin shading, make it something like greek sculpture. Then you’ll have to resculpt it a bit for that specific pose.

  • If you want to make a character then you need to start thinking of dressing and style, facial features and more character identity specific stuff ( that will occlude a lot of your work )

I still recommend you isolating head from body and focusing on giving it persona. It will help you with modeling tremendously and also help you focus on the most important part without distraction

In other words you have done really great these are some really great features all over the body. There are still some issues but there is no point in nitpicking them before you proceed to make it from T-Pose generic guy, to “that awesome character with identity” :slight_smile: Good work again

the corners of the mouth need to be carved out more.

The head is NOT too large now, it’s great. Feet maybe bigger? Maybe you’re like me, concentrating on one extremity at a time making it hard to take in the whole. I have a hard time with this.

Maybe take the biceps down a bit, or at least bring everything else around them up to match. Bigger hips, just a tad? Maybe the shin bones to stand out a bit more given the body mass index of the rest of the figure. Great work!

i find the neck a bit strange, go to a mirror and watch the muscles from neck to back. (lower neck), or overall neck length.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I did quite a few updates on this since last time…Including retopo, texture painting, eyes and some other tweaks. I’m called the body done and started with clothing:

Some topology shots of the body. Not the prettiest but it’ll do:

he has a creepy, almost unnatural edge to him, I think from how sharp his features are - especially the nose and darkness of the eyes. Fix those to a very subtle degree, and you’ll have an even more amazing model!

Looks great man!

1 small crit - the mouth seems a bit small. It’s ALMOST centered with eyes ( dont overdo!)

For the nude sculpts, if there is one thing I’d focus on either here, or in your future sculpts is the concept of Weight. Muscles have weight, they sit on top of each other and wrap around each other, and skin stretches around them. Your sculpt is looking good but it’s all on the surface, it doesn’t have the full feel of skin and muscle yet, as if it’s all just slight carve marks on a surface and not actually masses of form and volume layered on top of each other and wrapped in skin. You started to fix this in the update you put in post #5, so you were going in the right direction, I would just say that it has to go even further with that focus. Good work, gl with it.

This thread will be my reference for future sculpts, very informative feedback guys. Anyway, I thought I’d post an update on the character progress…I’ll probably create a new WIP topic once I start with the scene: