Male Character

This character was created in two days as a test of skill. The high poly version was created first and then reduces and retopped to create the low poly, mobile friendly version with less than 2000 verts, hair included. Still focusing my attention on avoiding the uncanny valley, and skin texturing so any tips in those areas would be a huge help.

Resources and References used

  • Image for face and body design
  • Image of Skin from Pixabay.
  • Hair texture from Pixabay.

I’ve been experimenting a lot over the past few days with skin. And it’s the biggest culprit for putting people in the uncanny valley (IMO, in regards to humans).
You can go through some of the tutorials out there and get some good information, and honestly a lot of them add to the pool of knowledge for skin, instead of repeating what others have observed.

The best thing I can say in regards to skin, at this time, is that you have to play around with settings to get your own desired result as there isn’t a sure fire, tried and true way to make skin realistic…outside of literally scanning someone’s skin.
Remember that it works in layers and so should you. Also: beware of buying “skin shaders” as my experience is that they work under specific conditions that may not apply to what your end result is.

Thank you that is great information! I will do my utmost to implement more focus on the skin’s shader.