Male face sculpting, need some pro feedback please.

(Kris Yang) #1

Hello guys !
I’m a new designer, I’ve begun sculpting from scratch on August of the last year.
Here I would like to show you my attempt of making a 3d face from the well known singer Maluma.
I appreciate the work of Hossein Diba who draws celebrities and would like to attain his level one day.
Here is my job:


(bluberri) #2

Hossein Diba is a master!!

Very nice sculpt. I’m also new to blender, around same time as you, so my advice is not pro.

However, I would start with adding some depth and reflection in the eyes, they look sort of dead. Maybe some variation in skin tone so he looks less plastic. I would make is brow creases actual creases. Neaten up his eyelashes. Maybe wider shoulders too.

(Kris Yang) #3

Well thank you man for answearing. I red your message with a lot of attention, and find it makes a lot of sense.
No matter if you’re not a pro in the end, the important is that means a lot to me. I’m gonna try adding some modifications.

(Rapid73) #4

Hey there, I’m a beginner myself so take my advice with a grain of salt.

The first thing that caught my eye in your work is the skin, it’s a little washed out, try adding some subsurface scattering, and maybe layer a few textures on top of your base. I found this helpful with my own model (Cant get it quite right, but still trying).

The second thing to catch the eye was the symmetry, it looks unnatural to me. The middle of the eyebrows and the forehead for instance. And the creases in the glabella (again, the middle of the eyebrows) are too thin? maybe pull out the inner crease, creating a bumpiness which would look more natural.

Lastly, the skin where the hairs grow on the face; like the eyebrows, beard and scalp, is naturally a lighter shade, on account of the hairs blocking some of the sunlight. So try panting the areas with a lighter shade.