Male Head Sculpting Exercise

Here is a base sculpt I did to help me to better understand and learn the workflow for retopology. It’s also an opportunity to expand my knowledge of anatomy :slight_smile:

Next step is to retop this sculpt and refine the surface a bit more.

Crits welcome

Okay, so I’ve started to retopo. It’s much more difficult than it looks! :smiley:

I’m struggling a bit to understand how to get the flow correct but I’m getting there. Crits are welcome as I move on to the ear a bit later today. Is the spacing of the quads look okay? I feel good about it and I know with practice I’ll improve.

the mesh you create is denser what i do in such case, but it looks good. your polydistribution is quite good…the sculpt is good, face convincing. the back of head is too small (meaning the skull) its too short in depth and not wide enough. from top view the skull should look like an egg with the smallest width at front side, and the widest part just where the ears are. if you create that, automatically the depth will improve too. even if you want put hair on later, you need to have enough volume in the skull to look right.

Very cool! I find well done edge-loop models are so cool to look at. What is ‘retopology’?

A term used in the 3d Media where you take recreate a high poly mesh using the least amount of geometry as possible.

Oh, right on. I was familiar with the action, but didn’t know it had a name. Thanks!