Male model turnaround

Here is a quick turn around render of a model I just made.

I didn’t really start this off to be a complete person, I was kinda just playing around with the chest, then I decided to really quickly modeled the rest. quite a few mistakes, even a few triangles, but overall not too bad for being as quick as it was.

Is looking nice :slight_smile:
I like it, how much time you spend on it? and can you show us the wireframe? :smiley:

Yea I’ll try getting some wireframes up in a bit. I don’t quite know how long it took, I think somewhere around 6+ hours. I didn’t really model all of it in that 6 hours though, the hands I just appended from a model I recently did and the feet were a variation from another models feet.

okay here’s the wireframe one.

I have this triangle on the leg that I can’t seem to get rid of. anybody have any ideas?

what you would do is have another edge loop going down under the foot, BUT, if the diameter of your leg/ankle does not have an even amount of verts it will not form a continuous loop going up the other side of the leg. so either work it into the topology under the foot (which could be messy), or do an overhaul to make all your rings with even verts.

When I saw the topic title I thought of Zoolander for some reason :wink: