male portrait study

a few renders of a male portrait study i have been looking into .
i used dyntopo originaly to get the form , was having a play and a doodle turned into something a bit more !
skin material experiment, ala blender nerd.
then cycles hair patch play .
and rendered in cycles , only 500 passes though. didn’t want to wait for days to complete :slight_smile:
please give feed back i think i probably could do more but want to move on to other projects.
probably most a few more pics of this study though .

cheers people.

another one .

With all respect: I think the pores/wrinkles are a bit extreme, too harsh, pupil look strange and dead, cloth is not very well done, sternocleidomastoid is very weird (The neck area), nevertheless I like the lighting on the second image.

thanks for taking the time to make comment,
which are certainly very valid, i’ll definitely consider these points that are lacking the next time .

I would say that if you reduced the amount of wrinkles, the face would look much more natural. It looks too extreme because the surface is just too distorted with all of the wrinkles and pores covering the face. Be more conservative and I bet it will make it look 50% better. :slight_smile:

I think, some kind of baking process? Something went wrong. Wrinkles, I agree with the other comments. Tooo much. Displacement,bumps, normal maps, overdone?
Indeed, what workaround did you follow?
But, I like the character.
Eyes are completely wrong BTW.

another one some differences made,

the work around was
retopology then more multi res sculpt
normal map bake from original
blender tex paint colour map
pores bump map from col map
tex paint specular factor map
tex paint hair growth map

if thats what your referring to .