Male Portrait

Male portrait

this is a quick 1-day project i did for a tutorial (@theLuwizart) on creating an Afro hairstyle in blender

Created using Zbrush and blender

#b3d #blender3d #3dmodeling #animation


Truly amazing. How do you get such good hair? Is it a particle system, or is it a volumetric shader?

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it is the particle system and im putting out a tutorial on it @theLuwizart on youtube

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Wow, thanks! I never knew about your quality youtube tutorials! Dude, you just earned a subscriber!

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Thank you for that tutorial by the way.

During it, you mentioned that you wanted suggestions for tutorials you could make. I have looked before for tutorials on how to model someone’s face from reference photos. But I have not found anything. Is this something that you would be willing to make a tutorial on? Just an idea. Thanks.

Beautiful portrait! Nico will be happy I think :slight_smile:

Hey, Emmanuel, I’d like to ask your opinion: I see you use Zbrush for sculpting. What do you think (as a user of both softwares): should I buy Zbrush to sculpt or is Blender adequate enough with all the progress these days (thanks to Pablo Dobarro), what do you think personally?

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Blender sculpting features are pretty good for its price, but if you are willing to pay, zbrush is no brainer and worth every penny.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Always an honor :slight_smile:

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