Mamiya SLR-Lens


this is a lens from an old Mamiya ZEX camera, rendered in Luxrender. Only postprocessing is blur to reduce noise.


Nice. How was the dust done?

Very realistic! Nice work!

Dust is amazing. How was it done?

Great job!

excellent work, has an incredible level of realism, dust particles also give a very welcoming touch

Dust is perfect…

Really love the marred lens surface. Really adds a personalized touch to the realism. The dust only adds to it, as well. Fantastic work.

How did you light the scene? I see a spot, but I hardly see any effect on the object, whereas it reflects almost completely from the ground plane.

Good photo :smiley:


You can find that dust effect in luxrender under the voice “it’s not a bug, it’s a feature”.

Seriously, great realism, congratulations!


I actually think that the dust is modelled in this case, there was another work on the Lux forums that used that technique, its certainly not noise in this case

Thanks for the comments! Since everybody is asking about the dust, I made a screenshot of it. As you can see, the dust is made of only 4 very lowpoly particles with a subsurf-modifier and a grey matte-material. The particle system makes use of vertex-weighting for controlling the distribution of dust.
This is my first attempt at it, so it is quite a surprise that it came out so well at immediately.


This is amazing! I couldn’t believe it was a 3d-model and not a photo at first! Incredible!

I kinda thought thats what you did.
I used this method on my current project. Thanks.

beautiful render! good job!