Man waiting

A man waiting.
All done in Blender 3.3 alpha, render with EEVEE.
A quick sculpt watching a (probably bad) movie.
More renders will be posted here (or not) :

Test with color attribute and workbench render (but without painting in multires it is not so good)


Nicely done. “He has an interesting face.” And, obviously, something on his mind.


Thank you !

Just in case you want to animate the cigarette smoke and coffee vapor:


Nice sculpt and mood. I really like the pose and expression.

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thank you. smoke is a volume with a mesh to volume modifier. it gives pretty nice shadows, less flat but is costly in render time.

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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wow, just… wow. Thank you so much Bart !

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Kind of “cartoony”. I think you’re a few tweaks from “believable”!

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