Mocked up this dude today. I’ve just left him with an action-man seam rather than any tackle. Face is just a quick sculpt too as I wasn’t in the mood to spend any time over it.

He hasn’t been designed to be low poly but will probably just be a stuntman while I learn blender - I’ve only been using it for about 4 weeks now and the last animation test guy I made just looks amateur already (kudos to some of the great tutorials out there - shame they’re not too well ordered)

I will rig him when I get a chance over the next day or two. If anyone wants a .blend (only base mesh without rigging currently) then let me know. I’ll post the rigged one when ready (don’t expect anything fancy).

He’s not anatomically correct (though not bad either).

When him and his friends are all finished they will be part of a cartoon story (unfortunately the story is about an hour long so I’ll have to just do basic sets and crap animation). Last pic is probably more what you’ll see.

Bit too early for feedback but feel free.


I’m looking at it and the body is definately askew anatomically… but in a quirky sort of way, like it would be part of some weird guard… (reminds me of Eastern Island heads) the hand is good, but the forearm looks like you used a loop cut and subsurfacing and got a crease a bit. But for only four weeks!!! WOW! That’s impressive. Now try UV Mapping it…

Cheers for feedback.

Haven’t read about UV mapping yet other than being vaguely aware of what it is. There was a lot of loop cutting going on during the modelling (I am still finding new techniques and I’m sure it’s very inefficient and higher poly than it needs to be). The main problem is that the chest and abdomen are a bit far apart (no reference image used - didn’t realise the scale was off until I had finished and zoomed out a bit more), other than that the limbs are a little bit squared off at the edges as they began as a cube, subsurfed, smoothed and loop cut for fingers.

My rigging is coming along slowly - not much time and have been trying to get foot to roll (I might abandon for now until the rest is finished).

It is good for only using the program for 4 weeks. You may want to post a wire so people can see if your topology is good for animation. Could save you some headaches for when you try to animate it later.

Can blender output the wireframe or do I just have to keep doing screencaptures? (Not very detailed, sorry)


alot of people just use screen captures (Mac Users use you can, though change the material to be wire in the Render Pipeline which is in the Links and Pipeline section of Materials

Make separate Wireframes-closeups of his head and body. And to output a current view in Blender, in Object Mode there is a button with a picture on it. (at the very far right of the object mode buttons right under your 3D viewport.) click that, and it will render you current scene.

Some wires


Have been looking through a lot of the higher quality artwork on this site and I seem to have a lot of un-needed faces (partly due to no effort being made to stop them and trying to get detail in a lot of places e.g. abdomen, shoulders, neck, hands, ankles.

Have consigned this mannekin to the bin and started afresh with a slightly more conservative poly count and a little less attention to detail (the idea for this guy is actually as a scene mannekin until I have the skill to make the characters I want while I try and learn how to animate).

I’ll put up some anims on youtube when I figure out how to

New and improved (though not as detailed)