Mancandy animation test.

Just a test with the great mancandy rig. Just to test my animation skills with blender as its been a while.

Mancandy Test Animation

Tell me what you think, much thanks.


p.s. I know its a bit twitchy in some places, but just for fun.

Overall, the animation looks great. I liked the beginning of it specially. Now, tehre are some minor problems here and there. Like the feet in the last 2-3 steps, the ball of the foot is not animated giving the impression of a weird walking on toes. Also the climbing could use some more weight… I would keep some poses more time to show how hard it is to climb, or change the poses, like bending more the chest/back.
The falling at the end looks just wrong, I understood the toon intention, but the timing is wrong IMHO.

But leaving aside those details, it’s a nice looking animation, good job ! I certainly congratulate you for the arms animation, I always found animating arm particularly tricky, and you have done it perfectly :slight_smile:

biggest thing inoticed was the fall, wayyyy to slow, speed it up a bit and maybe make a motion blur. good work in general

Yep hated the fall and the climb was a pain in the arse too.

Not gonna continue with this but its good to get some feed back as after watching this thing for the last few days I just find it hard to make anymore judgments on it.

its good to know where I can focus on and develope.

Thanks guys.