ManCandy Fun!

Post all your Mancandy tests, poses, and animations! Well, just playing around with Mancandy. This is what I do when I take a break with my main projects…besides playing around with ZBrush Trial. I will be posting any other poses I do in my free time. Just for fun.

Anyone else with cool Mancandy poses, just post! It would be cool if you just had Mancandy doing a pantomime or something, no other objects. But if you absolutely have to, then go ahead.

Animations are totally welcome too, please post the links to view them (ex Youtube…Vimeo…) I would prefer you NOT post the video file link to download…

Remember: Anyone can post! You can Download ManCandy Here.


C’mon, no one’s used ManCandy?



Haha nice work N00b! I will download this and mess with it tomorrow. Working on the Wall-E rig now. So I will upload some images tomorrow if I am not too busy! Great poses!

I just started playing around with Mancandy today. This is my first pose.

lol u should have gave hime a trench coat and shades… Mancandy is the one

HaHA guys! Keep on going…If you can could you possibly put this thread in your signature? Just a fun thing for people to do…

Keep posting! I mean Posing!

Experimenting with Matrix like camera shot…
EDIT: Link broken, will fix soon…

Excuse me for including another rig…but here is another one I whipped up in about an hour. They are both very good rigs, but the Ludwig rig is A LOT simpler. And last time I checked, the ManCandy rig does not have an eyetrack bone. Ludwig does. (Ludwig was created by Jason Pierce, visit his website here.)

NubNerd, could you please upload to Youtube, Vimeo, Veoh, or some other video hosting service? I cannot view the video. I click the link, and nothing happens! Just a blank tab.

NubNerd, will that link be fixed soon? I really want to see it!

Anyone else with some sweet ManCandy poses, just post them!

From the depths of inferno ManCandy has a message for you:

Could have done the compo better but anyway.


lol. I don’t get it?

Source of inspiration

heh that’s cool.

link broken.