ManCandy Hand rig type

I am trying to figure out how the hands are manipulated in the ManCandy Rig (working through Tony Mullen’s book and the rig is on the CD).

It looks like there is a single bone in each finger. When you scale it, the finger mesh contracts and give a very natural feel to the finger. When I look at the Vertex groups for a finger it looks like there are three:

I don’t see how you assign 3 vertex groups to a single bone. I have tried duplicating this vertex naming convention and when I change the name to something other than the bone name the group stops deforming.

Can anyone walk me through setting up this type of rig?


The attatched .blend shows how to do this.
There isn’t multiple vertex groups attatched to a single bone,
it’s simply a bone controlling some hidden bones.

You may want to look into bone layers (google it)

The example below is quite similar to the mancandy one, exept
that in the mancandy rig only the biggest bone is shown.

Hope that helps :wink:


thisishowitsdone.blend (136 KB)