Mancandy was adorable once, but now...

Hello everyone at Blender Artists

I´m posting here my last animation made with Mancandy for my practice of animation, I used the audio of of the november competition.

Here is the link:

Comments and critics are welcome.

Salvador - souldestroyer

Here is the embeded code if the link above doesn´t work:
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hey, i wouldn’t know a lot about animation because i haven’t ever really focused in that area apart from particle and soft body stuff.
But i love the sounds, the lip sync is out of place in some areas. But overall i enjoyed the whole character attitude.
4 stars.

p.s. maybe next time you can make your own character and earn your 5 stars.:wink:


OH YEA…love the smiley, can i use?:smiley:

Thanks for the comment, I never noticed the lip sync was out of place in some places.
And sure you can use the smiley actually here is the link to download the whole bunch I found

omfg dude…where’d you get them from?

this is the link to the index

Have fun!!