Mandalagape (Mandala of Agape)

Well, it’s been a while since I posted something in Finished Projects.

I thought I’d share this one I completed yesterday, just in time for Saint Valentine’s Day.

It’s called Mandalagape, and it’s (for me) a visual meditation on agape (pronounced ah-guh-pay), more of the selfless / benevolent / unconditional / spiritual side of love.

I created this decidedly modern take on the mandala in Blender 2.65a and tweaked the levels a little in GIMP.

Many of you have heard of mandalas, but for those who have not, they are mostly circular / geometrically complex / symmetrical symbols sometimes used in meditation but also found and drawn around the world.

There are some amazing classic mandalas out there, if you get a chance to see them. This site has a gallery:

There’s even a website where you can design your own basic mandala:

Mandalas often reminded me of fractals because they tend to have, in addition to their radial / axial symmetry, that extra special supersymmetry frequently found in fractal geometry.

Thanks for looking, and take care.


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Really pretty :slight_smile: good to see you again Mr T

Wow, Pretty impressive. :slight_smile:
Great job.

WOW, it looks amazing! Beautiful work :slight_smile:

gregzaal, AlinB, and Thalia Brunner:

Thank you very much for viewing my work and for your positive comments!

I really appreciate it.

Take care,


lookin’ cool! mind posting some wireframes / workflow screens?