Mandelbrot and Julia sets

Hi there!

I recently had to make a presentation about the Mandelbrot and the Julia set for school. For that reason I wanted to program an iteractive Mandelbrot-renderer. This project is what I came up with:

The controls are relatively simple. Use the mouse wheel to zoom and the left mouse button to drag the fractal around. If you are currently in the Mandelbrot set, you can right click at a certain point to discover the corresponding Julia set. There, you can move the position of the c value with the arrow keys. If you right click again, you get back to the mandelbrot set.

I hope you like this project and give me some feedback:D

PS: The Windows version won’t work with older graphic cards. If you have problems running it, just download the blend and mess a little bit with the shader code. Warning: It’s a little messy:o

can you post a screenshot or YouTube please?

Thanks, cheers

Here’s a screenshot of the whole Mandelbrot set:

A small section of it:

A Julia set:

awesome! :smiley: