Mandelbulb 3D

I’m not sure if fractal art can go to “Traditional”, but what I like to do with that fractal program is to create “non fractal” images.
Like this one…

or this one…

Cool, i going to search for 3D texture formula (i know 2D is easy and real 3D not exist yet, only some guessings) and play with it with volumetric patch (just hardcode it in C), i think it very computational expensive but that crisp small details and nice gradients on your images motivate me to give it a try.

Nice! This is definitely some of the most interesting mandelbulb stuff I’ve seen, and I’ve looked at a lot.
Have you done any animations? I realize you’ve probably tweaked a lot to get those shots right, but mandelbulb animations just blow my mind in their own unique way:)

Thanks! Yes, fractals can be a good source of textures (even organic ones) like this one, for example (from my Mundelbulb 3D WIP folder):

Thanks! Yes, I did. For example, the environment for my “Minuscule Aquatica” video:

Cheers :slight_smile:

It’s quite difficult sometimes to get camera move predictable though :slight_smile: But Mandelbulb 3D has animation preview, so with a few takes it’s possible to make things right.

Did you done this in Blender?

Thanks! No, it was created and rendered with Mandelbulb 3d (fractal program) without any additional processing.

The corral one is awesome… what fractal does it use? I mean what is the basis structure?

Thanks! If I understand your question correctly… For this particular image I was using Amazing Box in Mandelbulb. But if you mean the General Structure - I guess it’s Mandelbrot.
Anyway, here is a good article about Mandelbulb, if you’d like:

And here is a stereo version (crossing method) of “Sacred”:

Big size here:

does it actually produce a 3D structure? I mean could I import into Blender?

Thanks. I have downloaded, but how you have done that Blue Hills and how you have done the animation.

I don’t think so. The render options just an images. Someone was trying to convert it to 3D model using Autodesk’s PhotoFly program, but I do not know what the actual result was (saw just a video).

You mean, you’ve downloaded Mandelbulb 3D? Well, I guess, you have to learn how to work with it. Actually there is no any recipe - when you know how program works you have to tweak formulas until you satisfied with the result.
Here is a great source of formulas and help:

More organic fractals :slight_smile: