Mando shoots first

Pew pew!
I made a Boba Fett in Maya some years ago, and sometime when season two of The Mandalorian was still running I thought it would be nice to do him as well. So I remodeled my old Fett helmet, did some new shoulder pads, belt, cape etc etc and did all the materials and environment. But then I had a break and kinda forgot about him for some months because I didn’t know what kind of pose he should have, but now I just picked it up a few days ago, quickly modeled his blaster and did this pose. “Some” tweaking back and forth and Photoshop grading and now it’s finally done.

Actually picked this up again cause I wanted to try it in Cycles X. Was insanely fast in the viewport, almost as real time as in Eevee, but without those annoying shader compilations. Wanted to do my final render in Cycles X as well but got some weird errors. But was only 15 min at 6K and 1024 samples in old regular Cycles, so still plenty fast enough!
Not 100% happy with the final result, but I guess that’s the everlasting curse of an artist :wink:


Nice… fell free to post more renders of this cool dude.

Just because you said that I did this as well ^^ Kinda a remake of the old Boba Fett render I made years ago, but a bit better. Quite happy with the result even tho I only threw it together while watching a movie ^^


Well this is curse of 3D art… someone spend days with model. struggle with problems, etc. Then make renders, post it… and all this hard work get in HD limbo. This is injustice :stuck_out_tongue:
Very good, epic render.
PS. maybe you know for this channel. Very good place to get inspiration and reference.

This gun look familiar, right?

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Yeah I guess it’s what happens sometimes :slight_smile:

Yupp I’ve seen that channel, tho with this clip which apparently is the inspiration for Mandos blaster. Tho the one you posted was a nice one as well!

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Thanks, I miss this video. Well, there is many less known weapon which have nice retro SF look. For me they are more appealing than modern thingy crowded by details.

I’m not really a weapon guy, but yeah I really do agree that older weapons looks way better :slight_smile:

And may the fourth be with you! ^^

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Nice, thanks Bart! ^^

I haven’t watched the movie, so if you copyied same scene from movie it’s okay.

But as a another artist I see a big problem. I working on drawing anatomy, and there is a thing about posing body. It’s hard to tell, nevermind it. Just the head looks too angled to right, you must turn it to left liddle bit. Then, the post will okay. Have a nice day! nice job!