Hi everyone.
Sharing a hd render of my completed Mandalorian. Made adjustments in color and some textures that looked funny previously. This project was textured using substance painter. Was going for a Stylized look with design and proportions(lol this is the result). The spaceship at the background isn’t so detailed. Its from my previous project with a long distance shot. I used it mainly as a prop to fill the background space. Added smoke planes to save time on render instead of volume scatter. Would appreciate feedback.

hd render

Ambient Occlusion pass

Mist Pass

Viewport render

Landscape view of Environment


I like the feel I get from it, the space ship looks fine to me too.
How did you model the ground from the environment render?

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Thanks @mohamed_omer .
I used Blenders landscape addon to make the terrain after which I sculpted an area for the ground.

I imported models into substance painter and used a mask to mix different textures for the wet mud and the rocky mountain. Blurring the mask so it blends nicely.

finally finished by varying the wetness of the mud texture and painted in tire displacements.

Details are all from texture displacements.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks so much @bartv

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