Mango Movie thread

I think we need a thread about Mango. Seems no much people is following the Mango blog?

They did a short “Quit Blender” where they mixed movie with robots attacking Blender Foundation. You can download the blend files and the footage.

Nvidia sent them a Tesla Card 6GB RAM. Brecht will go to the Foundation to see if Cycles can be modified to make Tesla cards work better (at the moment they are slow than old cards 5xx, but at least the 6GB will be an advantage in heavy scenes, they tried with the bridge scene and it rendered 3x faster)

Take a look to the camera they will be using.

Sebastian doing the last bits and tricks to the mango project

Wow! It looks so real! The finger animation is so subtle and I really like the stubble texture on his chin.

Very impressive!

And all done in Blender. Sebastian is the man!

Oh, that’s very cool. I thought they’d shoot it with 5D’s or similar DSLR for sure…

But it’ll save them a lot of time, shooting in 4k, not needing to de-artifact and de-noise and all that. But if they shoot it in 4k, are they rendering/compositing in 4k also? I’d scale down, 2k/1080p is probably enough quality for this kinda project, 4k is a b*tch to work with (thought very nice compared with 8k, hehe) ;D

Thanks for mentioning this Bao. I was wondering why there wasn’t more Mango discussion around here. Filming is so close now!

I think digital makeup or face deform (see videos by Sebastien König) are awesome.
Maybe it could be used in theatre by comedians for a live performance: with a giant screen or with 3D glasses the audience can see impressive makeup or tansformations.
A new tool for comedians.

I have to admit my favorite parts are the candid things, makes me wish I was there participating in the tomfoolery (maybe not though, if Ian would constantly be putting a camera in my face! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Edit: Ton-foolery?

Testing the camera

And then a lot of troubles to get the recorded data to hard disks and transform it to EXR.

10 seconds footage are 2.68GB of raw data

I would love to know the speed of the transfer to the hard disks but I think it probably was around 25MB per second so to transfer 256GB the time spent I bet was: 3 hours

The Quadbot rig test.

The upper image is a frame of the movie where I deleted one of the lower legs of the robot to see what one leg looks like. In red is the part of the leg I don’t like. Seems too fragile for such a robot.
Below is a way to make it look better in my opinion.

Was answered in the blog that the robot mesh is not finished and they are going to fix the leg.

I sort of wish they were shooting DSLR as there are many issues that need addressing there. It would be cool if there were tools to de-skew the image and nodes for de-noising the image (I’m sure we will get that however).

You can tell I own a Canon DSLR :slight_smile:

They are having many problems with noise with the camera. I bet they will be not using it and switch to another camera.

Who doesn’t… ;D

The mother of all rigs. Now I understand why it needs 800+ bones!!!

Holy crap! That is the best rig I have seen in blender. ever.

Just looking at that thing and I get a headache it is one of the most insane things that I have seen in Blender.

Wow. No more to say.