Manipulate cloth using hooks.

Hi, I want to make curtain(s) and when I added hook to one face and I wanted to make waves by moving this, cloth is “streching” ;( - I can’t really explain what I mean, I hope this ‘gif’ will help you.

Overall I want to manipulate this hook like I manipulate whole plane on this video (It’s added Pinning group)

You can do this through pinning.

You have to make a vertex group with the vertices you want to move. You do this in the Object Data Tab, the tab with a Triangle and 3 vertex points.

To do this enter edit mode, select the vertices you want the hook to affect. On the object data tab (Triangle with 3 vertices) there is a vertex group section, there you’ll need to assign those vertices a weight. Hit the “+” to create a new group. Name it if you’d like, otherwise, click the assign button below. For now stick with the value of 1 just to understand the point.

While still in edit mode hit Ctrl+H. Select, Hook to new object. This will create an Empty that is hooked to the vertices you assigned.

Exit edit mode and go apply the cloth modifier to the mesh. In that tab you’ll see a “Pinning” option. Check that box and click in the box below. You will see the vertex group you assigned in the Object data tab, (Triangle with 3 vertices). Select that vertex group and it should work the way your wanting.

(It’s added Pinning group)
I add hook to the same face which is in pinning group but it doesn’t works - it’s like on this video above

@EDIT It works, but why when I add hooks cloth can’t have ‘self collisions’ ???
@Edit2 I think self collisions works now, idk what I did but I think that I’ve changed order of modyfiers (cloth is last) - so this is important ty.