Manipulating Extrusions on Cylindrical Objects


I am quite new to Blender (and modelling in general) so please forgive me.

I am trying to model a bevel gear based off of the images here:
So far I have a pair of gears (the other is just a duplicate object that has linked object data to the first), which allows me to see if the gears match up, cause they both change as I edit one. That was the easy part.

The gear (as you will see in the photos in the link) is 18 sided, so my object is an 18 sided cylinder that I have made into a frustum. I can then select alternating faces along the side and extrude them to get the ‘teeth’ of the gear.

My question is: when extruding, you can use the ‘extrude individual’ to extrude the faces relative to their original position (by that I mean that they don’t all extrude along an axis) - is there a way to have the same ‘mirror-like’ effect while transforming vertices?


If you set the pivot point to Individual Origins and the transform orientation Normal you can then scale/rotate/move each individual face in their own normal space.