Manipulating UVs using python?

I am still trying to work on a script to pixelate an image. I’ve got it working (almost) but then had a brainwave (maybe) that I could simplify the materials if I just unwrapped my mesh and overlay the UVs so that each virtual pixel aligned with the actual pixel from the image.

I’ve found a few scripts that at least have given me a kick start but I still can’t find out how you can manipulate the individual vertices of a UV face.

So just to explain a bit clearer. I’ve for an image in memory. Let’s say that it is 200 pixels by 150 pixels. I then create an object that has 200 faces by 150 faces. Each face is just a face, none of the faces are connected to each other. I want to UV unwrap the object and for each of these face pixels I want to manipulate the UV vertices so that they lie on top of the corresponding pixel of the image. I understand that there will be quite a number of steps to overcome but my first concern is can I actually control individual UV co-ordinates.

ANY help that anyone can give will be brilliant. I’ve been working on this script for over a week.