Manipulations affect ALL objects..

Hello. This is probably a simple fix, but all of a sudden my program (2.7) started doing this and I know I haven’t changed any preferences.

When I am in Object Mode with nothing selected, I add a new object. Shows in the outliner on its own branch parented or constrained to nothing. But when I try to scale it, it scales it AND the other object. Same with Grab and Rotate. I have tried clear parent, clear constraint all to no avail. Why is it doing this. If I add 3 objects, the manipulating of one affects all 3. I can select them separately. I can even select one and enter Edit Mode and that is the only way I can manipulate it without affecting the other objects.

As I mentioned, probably an easy fix and is just a simple thing I am overlooking, but never had this happen before.
Thanks all.

Ensure you haven’t enabled Proportional Editing (shortcut O or icon on 3d view header)

Thank you. That is EXACTLY what is was.