Mansion Livingroom

Hi! I’d like to share my latest interior project, what do you think?

The armchair, window table, cabinet handles and books are imported models.

Can anyone guess who lives here?

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Very nice. How long was the render?

Woah. Lovely. Any chance we can take a look at the source?
Only thing that sticks out is the carpet is a flat texture. A bit of lumpiness should do the trick, doesn’t have to be a full hair particle system.
No guesses on who lives there though. I’m rubbish at trivia and popular culture.

Glad you liked it, cool.

The interior render was about 4 hours at 2048 samples. The exterior was rendered separately and then combined in the compositor, I would need more graphics memory to render the whole scene.

Thanks for the feedback dudecon, I wouldn’t it know either. Here is the reference I used:

2048 samples. Wow. What about denpoiser? Have you tried that? Any good results? I have been playing with it. But not with something this complex yet.

I’m not going to be impressed by the noise aspect (I have done several indoor scenes and know how to set up a scene with denoising), but I am going to say, I like this, nice work.

EDIT: For the record, the original render.

Oh yeah. Agree. Great render. I have no critique… lol.

Just technically curious as I have a renewed interest in Cycles. Always liked it but it missed key features I needed til recently.

Thanks Roken.

This is rendered with the denoiser, I love it and can’t live without it these days. With the denoiser you can experiment with the sampling amount, too low and it looks splotchy but so you have to find the right amount.

The thing is however that a super clean render with the denoiser can look a little fake, so I’d like to add some kind of controlled noise back into the image again in post to give it some grain, that’s a personal preference though.

Cool. Man. Thanks for the info. Just a great render. Love this scene!