Mantaflow explosion Feedback and help appreciated

Hello, i finally had time to test mantaflow overall its really cool. Baking times for preview with adaptive domain are quite fast. So thats great.
Anyone has more experience in mantaflow and can tell me if res of around 250 is so blocky or is the density too high? What is your go to resolution for hight res smoke?

What is your workflow in shading?

Anyway i hope you enjoy it and SOUND ON. Its a little edit. Adaptive domain comparison at the end

Will do another one when they fixed this bug:

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What settings did you use? I’m struggling to get detailed smoke as good as yours even at 1052 resolution divisions. It’s a shame as most tutorials are way out of date.

Well, i think an important thing is the particle system on the emitter. Thats for the general forms and detail. In the beginning i put a particle system on the emitter and added normal velocity and some other things with force fields to make it more chaotic.

The domain settings are nothing special i think but as you can see i have my own problems. The disappearing smoke at the end is because of the adaptive domain settings.

Here are the general settings.

I will give it another test to push it for close ups and make a tutorial on it.