ManticoreSigma's Sketchbook

I’m a beginner and do Blender for fun. But I still wanna track my progress and have a central place to show off, so here I am :wink: Enjoy. Or don’t. I’m a post, not an authorative figure.

Messing around with materials:

Designing a bicycle (in progress):

The inevitable first donut render:

Second version, a day later:

Something for my company. Should have been stereoscopic, but the VR headset didn’t handle it correctly:

I’ve started designing a spider miniature for my D&D games because I wasn’t happy with the ones I found. Progress so far after about 3 Hours:

So far, so good. Still Looks way too cute.

Day 3. I’ve already animated him (a little) and now he gets some paint.

Day 4: The body’s become slimmer and my wife told me to use the classic “evil insect” look, which helps in making Herbert a little scarier.

Day 5(ish): Now he has a little more color and all his legs are more insectoid.

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So, now I’ve started constructing an old school farm for our D&D game. The farm is supposed to be our homebase and the layout was done by my beloved wife.
Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4:


And another render, inspired by my wife!
This is supposed to be some form of magical Crystal elemental. A good test for particles, volumetrics and forcefields. Done in Eevee, which I never really used before.

Strangely, the main crystal in the middle refused to emit particles from its faces, so I used the rock below instead :wink:

Update: Tweaked the scene and lighting a little. Also, added depth of field.

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After a couple of month without any ideas (and mostly: no time!), I started a new project today!
My friend and I were fooling around and had the idea of an Off Road Office (office in a moving truck) and that sounded like a trashy 80s series.
So I’m making a short animation out of it!

Another nonsense project for the fun of it.
And yes, this is my actual cat :smiley:

Now with better lighting and additional promo:

This was the final animation (rendered by
And just for the heck of it, I redid this in as shitty as possible: