mantis religiosa

hello,here is a little test renderer made with in indigo,my idead was to capture the color and the strenght of the mantis

What are your pc/mac spec and the render time?


glass or cavendish? )

Love it! Especially the caustics on the ground.
Seconding what your specs are, and the render time?

PS. The only thing I would change is to make the eyes a different colour or something. Because at the moment the head is just one big blog. Visible eyes really add to an image.

Nice model!
Cool render too, although I would prefere to see organic materials on the mantis (according to your idea :wink: )

Like it a lot. Simple but stunning. Whats your light setup?

If you find the time could you try rendering this with luxrender ( as well to see how it comes out? I’d really would love to see the two render next to each other to see where luxrender is standing at the moment.

COOLEST render i vote you FOUR4 :slight_smile:

i let it cooked about 20hours but on a poor p4 3ghz computer with 512mb of ram,so it is normal,for the light i used a plane emiter and the glow effeft is done photoshop.

omfg lol, thats the clearest indigo render I’ve ever seen. And btw 3ghz isn’t poor or slow…
It’s a bit hard to differ the parts of its body because of the glass material. I like it though.
4 stars.

er, i cant see it