manual for 2.59 beta

i was just curious to know by when will be a manual for 2.59 beta will be available?

From Blender’s website: “While the alpha versions were great for testing, we expect Blender 2.53 Beta to be a completed implementation of the currently existing UI features, with at least most 2.49 functionality back, and ready for documentation.” So I guess documentation may already being done, with help from the community. But I suppose it’ll take some time…

I feel good about this news and bad about what ever is causing the delay

There won’t really be a “manual” for this any more than there was a “manual” for the 2.4 series. Sure there’s the wiki, and if that works for you then great. Eventually, there will be something like that for the 2.5 and up series. The truth is that developers rarely make good documentation. And that’s what we have in the Foundation: a bunch of very talented developers. Not any very talented documenters. Plus, a devs time is better spend on development than mediocre documentation.

For really good docs, you’re probably going to have to spend a little $. The Foundation offers a number of excellent training materials. The DVDs are particularly good. There are a number of third party books available (check Amazon, or Blender’s e-shop). Right now, the only one that covers the current series is (ahem) mine. Check the link in my sig below.

I am looking for good books on how to do architectural visualization in blender if i cannot find the manual suggestions are welcome.

thanks in advance