Manual … it hurts :(
Shortcut “D” to display draw mode is something from 2.49, Shift+Z is not switch between Wire and Solid, etc …

Quite newly was added Shift+Z (shortcut for Render mode in 3D window) why there is not a rule - author of new feature or any change of blender behavior is that one who updates simultaneously page on wiki when this change is confirmed or included into SVN. Author knows the best what is going on …

I know … anybody can improve wiki.blender manual, but like for me I’m always scared to publish something in english officially for my low level … but how can be used wiki as primary source of informations, when it’s in this condition …

For big community like blender its really shame that informations are distributed over so many places, and most of them ends in black hole of info-history.

Like this - shortcuts list … helpful, but would be more helpful use this energy to update wiki or find a way how it merge with existing wiki to keep this work useful for a future, just with small adjustments if they’re needed.

Sorry for this cry, I just spent a few days with some problems that came from viewport shading mode differences and tried to understand what is a bug and what is “intended behavior” … and wiki gives to this issue just a crown (as we use to say). So, sorry it it was to much emotional.

There are plans to migrate the blender manual to github.

Thank you, sounds great :slight_smile:
Just from texts I red, now it’s about how to move from wiki to git.
I didn’t understand if there will be revision of all existing parts of manual …
… And if since this point any change or new feature will be updated on git manual too, to already have manual uptodate.

So … a manual with new look is definitely great step forward.
But manual use the same data as before … that means, it’s with all outdated parts :frowning:

Like “View Shading” mentioned in first post:

How new user can learn from this?

Yes, the manual sucks, everyone is aware of it! Yet, too few people are seriously interested in improving it.

The “new” manual for now consists mostly of the old data that has been autoconverted. It’s not meant to be used right now. It’ll get some (paid) attention in the next months, but the sheer amount of data to cover is enormous!

So, it will continue to suck for quite a while as a first step to being kinda good.

How new user can learn from this?

Deal with it :cool:

That functionality you describe might not be in the manual yet, but it can be found in the menus. Making yourself familiar with those is something a new user should do anyway!

Greg Zaal just started a contract to fix/update the new manual. Should get some hefty improvements over the next couple of months.

Thank you guys for great news :slight_smile: