many Blender crash :(

Oh I have no time to make crash reports… but the latest official Blender version crashes 2 times per day (8 hours of work).
Many times I don’t do anything, only moving the mouse over the menus… and Blender crashes…

hi endi!

can you please tell me (us) what computer system specification you have?

graphic card? (nvidia,ati: version, ram)
memory? (ram)

etc etc…

cheers :slight_smile:

well i have been having similar issues.

no two crash is on the same button, when i press anything from edge, to Uv texture, to increasing light distance, or colour, to pressing Alt+a. all things sometimes end with blender crashing.

two times per day is fairly common.

its only been happening since about 2.33 (both2.33 and 2.33a crash often)

it happens on both the intel optimised version and the normal BF compiled version.

system specs are

2.4 Ghz p4 533Mhz FSB
1 Gb (2x512) DDR 333
Gigabyte GA-8PE667 Ultra 2 Mobo
Nvidia GF4 Ti4200 128Mb ram Vid card (leadtek)

totally random crashes, hence i didn’t make an error report on it, because i couldn’t say what was wrong LOL.

and it only happens in blender, not other software so i have discounted it as being a Windows or my computer fault.

just learnt to save lots and to use tmp files if needed LOL


Yeah, I’ve noticed those crashes as well.

Here’s my experience with 2.33a:

  • Crashes often after using bevel on a object.
  • Obviously capable of “remembering” the offending file
    as the problem repeats itself with continuing work on that file
    (sorry can’t send that file - because it’s an NDA-work file)
  • Crashes on autosave! (randomly) It has been timed to 5 minutes
    every crash.

And here’s something REALLY weird:

  • Crashes when connected to the internet, when I unplug
    the cable I can work for hours…no crash at all.


Blender BF version 2.33a
Windows 2000 - service pack 4.
Nvidia FX 5900 MSI / 128.
MSI - Motherboard K7N2-Delta
Ram - 2 Gigabyte Kingston 400 mhz ram.
Latest drivers of EVERYTHING of course :slight_smile:

Important notes:

Blender rarely crash on new projects, only with files
that I’ve worked on for several days.

Blender “never” crash on rendering (thank godness for that!)

run it through a debugger, and show the backstrace stack to developers… things like this can be traced… and should be.


Interesting. I don’t know if I’ve even had one crash with 2.33a. I’ve left blender on for probably about 2 days at the longest and nary a crash in sight.

Athlonxp 1800
512mb ram
msi gforce2 ti
mandrake linux 10 community



Now…I’m not much into pc programming (yet) so if you could explain
what and HOW…it would be nice. Thanks :slight_smile:

I have almost no crashes. But a few years ago, I played with blender a month or so (then a stopped because of difficulty) and it crashed like once a hour. Don’t know if it was about the comp. ort blender. or both.

I’m having crashes only with latest builds… the last build (by gabio) though didn’t crashed yet.

yeah i believe i have been having crashes on autosaves too.

i think tis when i am doing somthing else in blender at the same time as it does an autosave, sometimes randomly when i am doing nothing.

but yeah i think it happens in multiples of 5 mins after starting a blend file.

could blender be implimented with a “crash report” feature that uploads a crash report to the Blender developers?

many OS software tools have this.

perhaps also a “crash file dump” so on a crash blender saves a recovery file that is not gareneteed to work.


well, I had some problems, indeed random. Used the auto backuped files more then ever the last couple of weeks. but only with 2.33a

well, basicly you run a debugger program that launches the blender. then, you make blender crash and you end up back in the debugger. from there you can use debugger to print out last messages and backtrace logs of what happened, and on what part of the program.

on linux:
> gdb blender
> run
(blender crashes)
> backtrace

on windows… I the programs are gui programs… so I guess, launch debugger, then load blender, execute… something like that.

last time I used that to solve the mysterious crash every second time I hit “alt-a” inside blender. backtrace showed that crash occured around SDL libraries, and audio initializations… problem got solved.


Basse - THANKS for that information.

I’ll look into it!


I’m on OS X 10.3.4 and I’ve actually never had Blender crash, save perhaps when I decided that something simple was never going to render, got frustrated, and forced it to quit. It doesn’t always like to quit in the middle of rendering, but other than that I’ve found it to be entirely stable.

Endi: we really dont want Blender to crash, but we need clues to find solutions… some hints:

  • use (if possible) 2.32 for a while, does that not crash?
  • did anything change in your system, like drivers, libraries, OS?
  • do you mean, after 8 hours of continuous work it crashes? that is very good for a sophisticated 3d app in Windows environment :slight_smile:

Restart Blender once a few hours isn’t a bad habit anyway, especially when you have rendered a lot (memory fragmented)

And of course; any crash you can tell us how to redo will be fixed!

I try to switch off autosave but it does’nt help.
Maybe I hold shift and switching layers on/off the crash coming…