many questions

  1. i cant seem to get my materials (except for basic colors) to appear in gameblender. anyone know whats going wrong?(to start the game, i’m just hitting the “pkey” in the 3-d window.)

  2. if blender cant handle more than 6 fully rigged charachters, would it still be a good choice to make a fully fledged fps in it?

  3. could halo(1) have been made with blender? (not including xbox formats or whatever( or multiplayer)

  4. could a multi-player fps be made with blender?

  5. are uv textures the only kind accepted by blender?

  6. are bumpmaps supported?

  7. if halo could be made with blender, would it run just as smoothly?

  8. if it is not wise to make the fps with blender, is there a good (free) program to make them with?(prefferably with bumpmap, alphamap, halo, &maybe multiplayer support?)

ps. fps stands for first person shooter.

Ok I will try to answer your questions as best I can :smiley: .

  1. I think that only the specualar and dynamic settings of a material will work in the Game Engine.
  2. Well hopefully this will be fixed in later versions, but I am still making a FPS in Blender.
  3. Well Blender does not have shadows or bump maps, like Halo 1, but since I play Halo a lot and I don’t think that either of those has a major impact in gameplay, then yes. I am trying to make a Halo-equivalent in Blender. If you put your mind to it and make some good textures and models, I think you can. Remember, its not the engine that makes a great game, its the artist who’s making it. And if you really want shadows and GLSL, do a search for tuhopuu 2(or however you spell it).
  4. Yes I made one. It’s not that hard but you will have to get good at Python. If you want to read about socket programming in Python, here’s a very simple tutorial to get you started:
  5. Well in Game Blender, you can have UV image textures, or have reflection textures. To get reflection mapping, go to the image window, go to face mode, and go to image>real time texture mapping>reflection. Try it out if you haven’t already.
  6. Currently, no, unless you get Tuhopuu and learn GLSL.
  7. I’m not sure, I know Halo for PC is a real performance hog. If you did a good job I bet you could get it to run smooth.
  8. Well, I am making a first person shooter in Blender, and I probably will continue to unless I wake up in the middle of the night with magically increased C++ skills. I have used Irrlicht, which is very good and supports all the DX9 crap, but I’m sticking with Blender for know, because you can create stuff so much faster. Here’s a link to some other engines: and Crystal Space, I think that Irrlicht is better, but that is just my opinion. It is probably more suited for FPS. But Blender is still my favorite :smiley: .
    By the way good luck with your First Person Shooter :slight_smile:

well, that didnt answer all my questions, but it did help.

*1. so no procedural textures huh? but i still cant get even the spec to work.

*2. this might make it hard…

*8. the hell do i get these to start? i downloaded both at one point, but couldnt figure out how to compile them or whatever.

Well, I am glad I could help.

  1. No I do not think procedurals to work in the GE. You could just render them out on a plane and then map that to an object in the GE if you really want procedurals. But really, photographic textures are usually the way to go. And about the specularity. Try this blend: spec.blend Put spec on 0 and then on 2.00 and notice the difference. If it still doesn’t work, it’s probably a problem with your graphics card. Try upgrading your drivers.
  2. Yes it will. :wink:
  3. Well if you don’t know anything about C or C++, then you should probably learn something before you get off into 3d engines. For tutorials, go to It’s pretty good for newbies. If you want a good compiler, I’d go with DevCPP, an IDE for MinGW, which is GCC for Windows, unless you are rich and can get your hands on Visual C++. Here’s the link: I never got Crystal Space to compile with DevCPP, partly because I never tried, but I got it to work in MSYS and Cygwin. I’m to lazy to google them so if you’re really interested just google them yourself. If you want to get Irrlicht to compile with DevCPP, and have all the wizbang DX9 stuff, make sure you read this thread on the Irrlicht forums, or better yet, register there yourself, if you actually decide to use it: I made a post about that in the Other Software forum a while back.
    Okay I hope this helps. :smiley: