many WIP's i've been working on, please tell me what you think, critique welcome. :3

ok, now that i get these things posted, please let me know what you think. :3

Interesting characters there, most impressed by the feline head, the topology in particular. Think it captures the essence of a cat perfectly. I’m fairly new to Blender and have only started doing some polygon modeling recently. If I may ask, how or with what were these modeled?

all characters where modeled in blender using simple basic shapes for the base, and blueprints for the cat head. i always start modeling using a circle for the eyes.

Interesting, well it’s definitely an excellent result, congrats :slight_smile: The curves follow through very well in this model. So if I understand correctly, do you build curves first and then “skin” them into a surface? I used to do that with a spline network in 3DSMax, but am still trying to get to grips with Blender’s work-flow. I’ll do research on using the tools myself, I’m just curious about the methodology used :wink:

im not sure i understand what you are saying here about the curves stuff. sorry. ^^;

oops, ignore this reply. X3

Sure, it’s no problem. I still need to learn more about Blender’s tools so I don’t confuse, as I’m not too familiar with the methods / terminology yet :smiley:

Nice! Interesting creatures, and the topology looks good :slight_smile: The first is my favorite. Are those bones I see? Meaning, is it rigged?
Are you going to texture these?

Awesome alien-ness-cat-and-rat-thingies modeling! :smiley: Please don’t stop, show us the fur and the rest.

yes i am going to texture these, all but the rodent and cat have been unwrapped and the rodent will be re-rigged when i mark all the seems and unwrap it.

heres the characters posed a little.