Map does not work completely

Let’s see if i can explain this without confusing everyone. I modeled a plane. i made the plane in parts ( wing, tail, etc) When it was time to unwrap I joined the meshes to make one mesh. Of course I am not including wheels landing gear etc just the plane. i unwrapped sucessfully. Here’s the problem I add the color map and in the 3d view texture mode it looks great but is does not render completely. Some parts of the plane render without the color map showing I am using UV coordinates, so I can’t understand why this has happened Hopefully I explained this correctly


You may have ended up with multiple materials on the object after the “join” operation.

There look to be 9 materials, Maybe that’s as high as it goes i don’t know but i think you are correct. Now tell me what to do about it or how to avoid this next time Thanks


Well, you can join first then add the materials. You can easily select the parts joined, by moving cursor over the part and hitting L.

You could also, just delete the material before you joined them. Good question, I never thought about this since I dont use materials very much.

I did join first. I did a plane months ago and had no problem Now i can’t texture until I find an answer. there has to be a way to make that one texture work for my joined model. I can’t believe Blender wouldn’t be able to do this


Hope this is the solution…

  • Go to the editing panel (F9).
  • Press the Delete button for the materials until you don’t have any materials left.
  • Go to the Shading panel (F5)
  • Add a new Material
  • Add your image in the ‘Texture button’ (F6)
  • Set the ‘map input’ to UV and ‘map to’ to 'Col’Good luck!


Maybe, you need to just unwrap the model again? Now that it is joined.

Well, t3d pretty much gave you the practical solution. Others gave you real good clues to what actually happened and they did a pretty good job since you did not give a lot of indications to go with: likely you couldn’t as it appears that you never experienced anything like this problem in Blender.
Let me try to summarize, but bear in mind that, as did others, have to guess quite a bit.
1- you modeled different parts
2- somehow you also gave to them some materials
3- then you joined the parts
First thing for you to know: when joining parts, Blender won’t discard the original materials but will change them into multi materials. BTW the limit is 16 for a given object. Imagine that you modeled a hat, tie, shirt, pants, socks and shoes plus a fellow to wear them. If, for some practical purpose, like making it easier to animate with an armature, you decide to join all those objects I bet that you would be very disappointed if each object lost its appearance.
The last material that you UVmapped show good in the 3D view because the 3D view does not show you the materials, just the uvmapped images. Since you had up to 9 materials, your uvmapping job applied to just one of them and those parts with other materials still didn’t show your uvmapped texture.
But since you don’t want this behavior either make sure that you don’t have any materials attached to any part prior to joining them (Slink’s suggestion) or unlink every material before mapping the one you want to the object (t3d’s suggestion).
BTW please understand too that this was a fairly easy question, very ‘intermediary user’ and that you had received good answers. I think that there were just a few elements missing to make it all come together.

Relax, have fun. Good for you that you persisted.