Map Zero

Hello everybody,
here is the VFX Breakdown of my last paid work done with Blender / after effects / Premiere. All 3ds, Matchmovie, camera tracking done in Blender.

and here is the final result with audio design:

Well done! Imagine if you did all inside Blender, what would be harder or longer part to do?


Of course the color key management would be a nightmare to do in Blender, better let this part to Adobe Premiere or After Effects, or Nuke or stuff like that.
At least, I think greenscreen works can be managed in Blender but only if we are speaking about the most primitive typ of it, that is, subject with entire greenscreen in background to key out. And greenscreen perfectly straight, without folds.
But my work was a little bit complicated one, because the subject goes outside greenscreen area, and for other reasons.

For sure making all in blender would give big advantages, like for examples the possibility to make the greenscreen subject interact with volumetric lights, maybe I will work on this in future.

Give me proofs that I’m wrong.