Mapping a tapered object

Hi there,
I’ve been trying out the best way to map my tapered roof for ages and can’t seem to figure it out.

The above picture is the best i’ve managed to get so far, but as the uv’s get closer to the seam, the tiles start to turn sideways.
Is there a proper way of doing this and getting perfect results? Maybe taper the image or something? Any help would be massively appreciated, Thanks x

you need to use a different kind of input for loading your UVs. It looks like you are using ‘project from view’. try the basic ‘unwrap’ option. and remember, you can manipulate your UVs same as you would a mesh.

The problem is that you’re attempting to map a completely flat texture to tapered mesh (There are times when this is ok, but usually only for gradients or something very low detail and obscure). If this is a true limit you’re putting on your model, you’ll always be contending with stretching, compressing, and warping.

Ideally, you’d want to have an unwrap with much less angle distortion and would customize the texture to fit the UVs, not the other way around.

Otherwise, if you plan on sticking with your current texture method, you will have to make visual compromises. There is no getting around it.

Hi both, thanks for the input.
Modron, I did do a proper unwrap, the uv’s in the screenshot were how I’ve managed to arrange them so far.
dlax, what you say makes a lot of sense now, and I was thinking about changing the image itself. Do you know if there’s something I could do with the image in Gimp to taper it, or am I starting with the completely wrong image?
What do you do on objects like this?

Okay I’ve decided the only way I’m gonna get the perfect results I want is to physically tile the roof ( I also have two big pointed turret roofs) then bake the normals. There might be a less time consuming way, but I can’t think of one. Thanks for the advice. :slight_smile: